Building the BOUML API JAR

By: António Casqueiro | Published: 2008/04/06 Change language:  


A month ago I had the need to draw some class diagrams, in order to increase the learning speed of the domain model of the system that in currently working on.
I searched for a tool with the following features: I was also looking for a tool with a public API, so I could reverse engineering the domain model and generate custom class diagrams.
I found BOUML!
It seem the best, but I could not find a link to download the API.

Since, the program allows me to do forward engineering, I decided to create an API JAR, and this is the tutorial that I wish to share with the whole World :)


Building the BOUML API JAR, step by step

  1. Open the "Empty Project", by selecting on the menu "Project->Open"
    In Kubunto the project is located at "/usr/lib/bouml/empty/"

  2. After opening the project, BOUML forces it to be saved
    Save it in some directory (ex: /home/<my_home>/temp/) and name the project "bouml_api".

  3. Setup the directory where the source of the classes will be generated
  4. Generate the API
  5. Build the JAR file


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