Desencarcerização dos problemas sociais  




(…) rather than try to imagine one single alternative to the existing system of incarceration, we might envision an array of alternatives that will require radical transformations of many aspects of our society. Alternatives that fail to address racism, male dominance, homophobia, class bias, and other structures of dominance will not, in final analysis, lead to decarceration (…).

Angela y. Davis (2003) Are Prisons Obsolete?, N.Y., Open Media:108


Organizar de uma discussão luso-norte-americana sobre argumentos abolicionistas das penitenciárias

What is the best argument to abolish penitentiary system? The argument that uses de repulsive feelings about the harm produced by institutional means, in the inmates and their families and friends. Or the argument that uses the irrational of using institutional ways to disperse the possibilities of searching the truth?


movimento abolicionista EUA, Critical Resistance



International Conference on Penal Abolition

5 Generations

Transformative Justice


Penal Law, Abolitionism and Anarchism


26-27 April 2014



hosted by British/Irish section of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control


Presence of Pat Carlen, Vicenzo Ruggiero and Jehanne Hulsman (1, 2)


30/11/2013 - abstract

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