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The survey on Social Natures

= The English version of the questionnaire can be downloaded. =

This is the result of a sociological query about the contradiction of (real) instability (everyday life) been explained by classificatory social theories (supposing social stability, as much as institutions need it to be so). I call it sociology of instability. It´s main concept has been “state-of-spirit” – studying the natural and social human instability (depending on social, technical and ecological environment).

I developed an analytical proposal in order to produce extensive information about these subjects, hoping to get some new insight on sociological work. I am using my sabbatical year applying the questionnaire in Spain, in Greece, in Portugal and Brazil. I realize the results will be better tests to the quality of my approach if it would applied to people who lives upheaval social environment.

I need other languages translations for my questionnaire. I need this version of the questionnaire to be tested and changed accordingly (I wouldn´t be able to do that, since I do not know other languages). I need data (150 questionnaires) from convenience samples (for instance, from popular neighborhoods, from students, from specific professional groups, whatever could be available) of people who did live (or still live) the upheaval social environment.

Of course, I would like to testimony in loco (and feel) whatever is happening in Greece. I wonder how to do it if I do not know the language (and I do not have strong ideas about the culture or the history of the people). For this propose I can imagine to organize interviews. I will need the help of a translator. I understand it is more difficult than the questionnaire.

In fact I am concerned about the idea that people and societies are instable by nature. They have the major characteristic of changing behavior patterns very radically and without warning, as most natural entities do: the earth maintain itself still for ages. And then it comes a tsunami or a earthquake or a volcano.  To frame this, I did choose some social parameters: three social levels (quotidian, institutional and value) three social plans (normative, ontological and socio-economic) and three trends (bio-social reproduction, institutionalization and individuation).

I did translate it in a quantitative methodology I am trying to test comparing different social strata and different countries.