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working group of sociologists without borders



SSF - WG*  "Social natures" present and discuss criticisms to mainstream sociology in order to prepare reception to emerging social theory more adapted to the challenges to sociologists  as a global, solidary and the human rights concerned professionals. 

The critic of the idea of equality in a global world, the critic to western centrism and a place to receive suggestions about news ways of doing sociology taking in consideration the diversity of human kind are examples of debates we can put forward.

*SSF-WG means Sociologists Without Borders/Sociólogos Sem Fronteiras working group.

This work is also useful for contrasting the inhumanity of capitalism with the humanity of society and the organic character of the natural environment.

Judith Blau

we are trying to understand the nature of the social lives of oppressed and marginalized people, which includes women, as well.


Dear Alieh Shekarbeygi,

My English is not the best. Any way I think is not a language problem that is questioned. It is an organizational problem. And it is a theoretical problem too.

a)       A WG join a part of the members of SSF for particular proposes. To participate (or to get out) of the WG SSFers do say so to the manager of the WG (responsible for the website). The products of the WG will be presented whenever WG thinks is the occasion. Anyone, SSFer or not, can visit the website and take a guess about WG is working on.

b)       I do not believe sociology solve social problems. I believe sociology can help to solve social problems within multidisciplinary approach to problems. That is my understanding of the better part of positivism proposes to the XIXth century. For doing so, I believe sociology needs to open to other sciences and practices, such as normative and therapeutic sciences and practices. This is different from mainstream sociological approach which prefers priority to economics, politics and cultural dimensions. I am not saying that the social natures thematic will solve better social problems and should be an alternative to mainstream sociology. I am saying that, as sociology is a multiparadigmatic science, we should try to give a chance to this discussion. Why? Because the world is changing from burocratic to net like organization pattern and sociology must adapt developing net like theories.

As you see, is a long conversation. I do not claim to solve the problems of the world. But I feel I think better since I follow this approach. It is easier for me to understand why there are so many prisoners around the world, what is the meaning and the relevance of Human Rights and why Equality as a social value need to be address again but in other terms than in the Cold War. I am working on this and I am happy that other people accept to discuss it with me. My work is writing it down in a way people understand what I feel and I mean. I hope it will able the WG to organize a good discussion and be prepared to accept challenges from other sociological points of view.   

melhores cumprimentos


De: alieh shekarbeygi [
Enviada: terça-feira, 27 de Março d
e 2007 9:33
Greeting comrades and Judith:

Since I have read the matters about of new working group, I thought working group is to work about of subjects that are social problems and common between people in world. But, now, probably, I think, the working group is the conclusions of discussions of group in ssf ,that is published  as a article ,so if  is it correct ,in first  ,when we to start to discussions ,in my thinking we have to know , what is  the tools of measurement  of discussion there are ?,for example ,what is “social natures” and what is defense this concept? what is our goals about this subject that we will want to start to working group?  So, in begin of discussion ,I think we have to know what is goals and  ,every body of us to try on base the principal of announcement ,explanation the means of  her or his mind  for the  characterizes of the subject such as “social natures”. You know us, to cause of common interesting to arguments of sociological, I think all of the member’s  of ssf interested to participation on discussions,  so in end, I don’t to know, am I have understood your idea about “working group”? Or not?

In my opinion ,had better again “Antonio Pedro Dores â€œto explanation his ideas about this work on format of scientific  ,whatever ,pointed to a new site ,but I think that explanation  is less and indefinite.

By Best Regard

Alieh shekarbagy of Iran



To share and to spread in English language the results of the development of a critical and specific theoretical approach to sociology authored by António Pedro Dores, Lisbon, Portugal, since 2001.

Beside the Portuguese papers and book (look here for Books and Papers and academic thesis), there are few writings in English language:

slide shows:

Social Theory of instability

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Submission Spirit

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(2005) “Damasio´s Errors – homage to a source of inspirations”

(2006) “The two cultures and the real thing”

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