Social Networking as a Marketing Tool: Study of Participation in Cultural Events Promoted by Facebook


This paper addresses the topic of Social Networking as a Marketing tool studying the participation in cultural events disseminated through social networks, specifically by Facebook. After a theoretical framework, we propose a conceptual model that identifies and analyses the assumptions of this research. It is argued that “the reading of an invitation to a an event received through Facebook is positively influenced by being sent by a friend”, “users who regularly read invitations to cultural events received through Facebook, are the ones that more often accept and participate in the same events”, the main reasons that lead users to accept invitations to cultural events through Facebook are: “receive invitations by someone known”, “interest in the event and comments from friends about that event” and “comments from friends positively influence the acceptance and participation in cultural events for which they received invitation”. The results are relevant to cultural institutions and professionals in organizing events. These should pay particular attention to studies in order to work more effectively the advantages of the disclosure of events and marketing campaigns through social networks. We conclude that Facebook is considered a good way to promote cultural events.


Social Networks, Cultural Events, Facebook, Marketing, Participation in Cultural Events, Promotion of Cultural Events.