The Importance of Social Networking in the Dissemination of Musical Contents and Musical Events: The Case of Facebook in Portugal


This paper studies the importance of social networks in the dissemination of musical contents and musical events, studying the specific case of Facebook in Portugal. A methodology is proposed which will first frame the current situation of the Portuguese music industry through several interviews to some of its stakeholders, following an online survey which will characterize the Facebook user in general and itís sharing habits of musical content and musical events. The results suggest that Facebook is used in discover and follow of musical artists, with the sharing of musical content being a common phenomenon among its users. It is also perceived that the dissemination of musical events has a practical effect on the attendance of concerts and music festivals. Therefore, it is concluded that Facebook is a platform where consumers share their musical contents and events, where they search for their favorite artists and also find new artists, thus constituting a platform that should be intelligently exploited in a marketing perspective, taking into account the characteristics of a new type of consumer and a new kind of attitude towards music.


Social Marketing, Social Networks, Facebook, Musical Contents, Musical Events.