Duarte Trigueiros


Research supervision proposals

and guidelines for candidates


Ph.D. or Master candidates are invited to consider one of the following two possibilities:


1. Inclusion in an ADETTI research project (ADETTI is a research centre belonging to ISCTE-IUL in Lisbon). The title would then be granted by ISCTE-IUL.

2. Enrolment in an appropriate Doctoral / Master Program in Algarve. The title would be granted by UAlg.


I am happy to consider research proposals for the degrees of Master or Doctor of Philosophy, covering BI, Accounting and Finance subjects. Some possible research concerns are, amongst others, 


1.     Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Mining: tools, techniques and applications (Master degree).

2.     Pillar 1 (capital requirements) under Basel Accords: AIRB methods for the estimation of Credit loads (Master degree).

3.     Automatic detection of errors and unlikely numbers in the accounts of companies.

4.     Accounting-based Market Research: new methodologies and better solutions for known problems (Master).

5.     Knowledge Extraction, Neural Networks: interpretability of NN models.

6.     Governance and privatisation: efficiency of privatised companies.


Candidates to enrol as research students under my supervision should become aware of the conditions attached by those institutions (UAlg or ISCTE-IUL) they are interested in.


Candidates from the EU may apply to the FCT foundation for grants.