I was born in 1964 in Lisbon, the city capital of Portugal


I'm an Associate Professor in the Department of Information Science and Technology of ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon. 


I lecture on the bachelor programs of Management (Gestão), Computer Science and Management (Informática e Gestão de Empresas), Gestão de Marketing (Marketing Management), Finanças e Contabilidade (Finance and Accounting), Gestão Industrial e Logística (Industrial Management and Logistics) and Gestão de Recursos Humanos (Human Resources Management). 


I graduated in Business Organisation and Management from ISCTE in 1989, I got a MSc. - Master of Sciences in Management Information Systems from ISCTE  in 1995 with the thesis "Structural Analysis of an Industry: Applied to The Portuguese Fasteners Industry" , and a PhD in Management from ISCTE in 2005 with the thesis "Direct Selling: Determinants of Consumers' Acceptance".


My main hobby is Breeding Tropical Fish. I also like to practice Swimming and Diving.