Duarte Trigueiros

Teaching experience


1. Courses where the language of instruction is English


      Bachelor degree courses (Macau 1996 - 2001).


ACCT200 Principles of Accounting I and II (US GAAP)

ACCT301 Intermediate Accounting I and II (US GAAP)

CBIS310 Accounting Information Systems

CBIS110 Business Computer Applications, 1995 only

CBIS251 Information Management Applications

CBIS252 Information Management Concepts

CBIS457 Business Forecasting, 1999-2001

CBIS452 Decision Support Systems, 1999 2001

CBIS450 Information Systems Development, 1998 only


      Master degree courses (Macau and Hong Kong)


Murdoch University Hong Kong, MBA: Corporate Finance, 1997-1998, 2 editions

University of Macau, MBA: Management Information Systems, 1991-2001, 11 editions

University of Macau, MSc in Accounting, Contemporary Issues in Accounting, 2014-2015, 2 editions


2. Other languages of instruction


      Bachelor degree courses


ISCTE: Financial Statement Analysis, 1993-1995

ISCTE: Integrated Decision Support Systems, 2009 only

ISCTE: Financial Modelling, 1993-1995

UAlg: Project Management, 2002-2008

UAlg: Entrepreneurship, 2008-2010

UAlg: Introduction to Business Management, 2005 to the present

UAlg: Management Accounting, 2004-2007.

UAlg: Capital Budgeting, Business Plan, 2003-2008

UAlg: Electronic Commerce, 2006-2009

UAlg: Management Information Systems, 2002 to the present


      Master degree courses


UMac: Information Systems Management, 1999

ISCTE: Data Mining, 2006 to the present

ISCTE: Integrated Decision Support Systems, 2009 to the present

ISCTE: Model Oriented DSS, 2006 only

ISCTE: Financial Modelling, 1991-1996

UAlg: Business Management, Master in Telecommunications, 2009 to the present

UAlg: Accounting Theory, Master in Accounting, 2006

UAlg: Financial Modelling, Master in Finance, 1999-2007


      Executive Training at AESE in Lisbon and Oporto (1991-1996)


Financial Management module for Top Executives (PADE program 1991-1996, 10 sessions)

Financial Management module for Executives (PDE program 1993-1996 8 sessions)


      Professional Training


DATINVEST, Lisbon: Statístics for Medical Research, Medical Doctors, 35 hours,1987-1997, 14 editions.

DATINVEST, Lisbon: Financial Modelling using the PC, Finance Directors, 35 hours, 1987-1991 4 editions.

DATINVEST, Lisbon: Quantitative Methods in Financial Analysis, Financial Analysts, 35 hours, 1990-1997 8 editions.

UAlg: Accounting, Budgeting and Control, Medical Doctors, 36 hours, 2003-2005

UAlg: Medical Research Metodology, Medical Doctors, 36 hours, 2003-2005

UAlg: Data Analysis, Medical Doctors, 36 hours, 2003-2005.


      Bachelor degree courses in East Timor (2004-2009)


UNTL: Data Analysis (6 editions)

UNTL: Basic Business Management and Economics (2 editions)

UNTL: History of Economics (2 editions)

UNTL: Systems Theory (6 editions)

UNTL: Organizations and Information Management (1 edition)